Crypo Mining — ETH — Not Worth Starting

I’ve been mining ETH for a long time now and have seen a lot of people ask questions about getting started mining. Here’s my short opinion.

UPDATE: Read my latest thoughts on why not starting is still relevant here.

Don’t start! If you’re already mining, keep at it. If you’re looking to start, don’t. Buy crypto instead or build a gaming PC and have some fun.

For this read, I’ll be using one of my smaller rigs, which has 4x AMD 8GB 580 hashing at ~117 MH/s in this article.


So what does this mean, well you earn almost jack-all nothing. At the current price of ETH you’re lucky to earn about $4 USD a day in ETH with 4 GPUs. That barely covers your hardware cost if you mined uninterrupted for a year!

Rigs real-time performance.

Hardware Costs

What to mine stats on 5/25/2018 for 1 AMD RX580

Future Hardware

So, if you’re already mining keep at it. If you’re looking to start, build a gaming rig instead and have some fun, and buy crypto with the left over $. Right now, starting from scratch is a fool errand. If you want to do it to educate yourself sure, why not, but go in knowing that your not going to retire early of your virtual hoard of Crypto.

Happy Hashing!

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