Cloud Mining BTC — Is it worth it?

I’ve updated this article since it’s original publish to add more clarification to HF payouts and expectations.

Almost 2 months ago I entered a 1 year contract with Hashflare to mine BTC in their farm. You can read my full review and updates at

I’ve seen some ups and downs and have fielded a lot of questions. Lately most of the questions asked always boil down to people trying to decide if it’s worth it. Short answer, for me it is, but for you it might not be. Hopefully the points I make here will help you with your decision. I’m sure I’ll catch some heat for this article, but bear with me.

What is cloud mining?

It Is easy

My Goal — More BTC

My actual forecast as of 2/22

One thing I’d like to also note, that my daily revenue forecast is higher as it’s based on my current hashrate of 9.46 th/s. If you’ve read my HF updates, you know I have reinvested some of my earlier payouts.

The rest of my current dashboard.

Soft Benefits — Great First Step

Why Not Just Buy BTC?

Final Thoughts

If you find this helpful and want to take the next step and start cloud mining yourself, please use my referral link to Hashflare here.

Or check out another platform like or I haven’t used Genisis, but I’ve used NiceHash.

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