Claymore v11 — Dual Mining ETH & XVG /w Mixed GPUs

This short article covers my dual-mining ETH(Ethereum) and XVG (Verge) with Claymore v11. It’s not intended to tell you if it’s profitable. Just my experience doing and provide some information for those curious or have questions about mining with mixed GPU rigs.

For those who do not know, it’s possible to mine 2 types of crypto assets at the same time. Claymore has made this very easy for a long time, and with their latest release we can now mine Blake2s algorithms (they have a lot of other nice updates in v11.) Which opens up the doors for dual-mining ETH and XVG!

Test Rigs

Rig 1 (baby rig):

  • 1000w PSU, Intel i5, Asus MB, 8 GB RAM
  • Windows 10, /w Claymore v11
  • 3 EVGA NVIDIA 1060 SC 3GB. Afterburner settings MEM 700MHz, Power 59%, Fan 80%. Everything else stock.

Rig 2 (big brother):

  • 1600w PSU, Celeron, 4GB Ram, Asus MB, 4 GB RAM
  • 4 MSI AMD 580 RX Gamer X 8 GB — BiosModed, MEM 2050MHz, 1000 MEM and CPU voltage (set via Claymore), Fan 65%. Everything else stock.
  • 4 EVGA NVIDIA 1060 SC 3 GB — Afterburner settings MEM 700MHz, Power 59%, Fan 80%. Everything else stock.

To baseline, when mining just ETH both rigs will hash at ~250MH/s. These rigs are very stable and can run interrupted for days on end. But, I do nightly reboots just in case. I ran Claymore v11 for a few days before dual mining without any issues.

Dual-Mining Start!

Red arrow is dual mining start.

Only a 4–6 MH/s total drop! But effective rate plummeted! What happened!?

When I started, I wanted to get a overall baseline and I turned dual-mining on for all cards. Bad idea, NVIDIA cards do not like dual mining. This is nothing new. They can do it yes, but they just do not do it well. On average I was getting about 300 MH/s per NVIDIA card, and almost 1800 MH/S for each AMD card. AMD is KING when it comes to dual mining.

But, that doesn’t answer the effective rate drop. I honestly I can’t really figure it out.

It didn’t get better, very choppy effective rates and my avg. rate turned even though my effective rate stayed.

When I’ve dual mined SIACoin I didn’t see the same drop in ETH effective rates. I’m sure there are smarter people than myself with the answer, please comment if you do. When I turned dual mining off for the NVIDIA cards (yes I lost some total hashing power for XVG,) my effective rate of ETH returned to almost normal. My accepted share rate also returned to what I would expect.

Still Hashing ETH at ~245 MH/s, but effective rate stabilized around ~220MH/S.

XVG Results

My last 24 HR of XVG Hashing

With only my AMD cards dual-mining, I’m hashing an of ~5.5 GH/s. Which is pretty good. And I’ve earned 72.91880115 XVG in the past 3 days. Not bad for just updating my Claymore bat file.

Rig Impact

Final Thoughts

UPDATE: 3–4–2018

Much better!

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