If you’ve followed my pervious writing on crypto you know I was a pretty serious GPU miner. I had multiple rigs, and in 2018 I had published an article that mining wasn’t worth starting. I wish I could say this new boom in crypto changed my mine, but it has not.

View my previous article here: https://tweegos.medium.com/crypo-mining-eth-not-worth-starting-9890461c36fb

Financially crypto mining does not make any sense at all! As I wrote in 2018 the cost to mine vs. the crypto earned just doesn’t add up. You’re better off just buying a few ETH and sitting on them. …

The ability to create something in real-life, tokenize, and then complete a secured transaction on a blockchain and while preserving your rights is what this technology is all about. Let’s get a better understanding.

Before we delve into NTF tokens and art, I’d like to address the long silence in writing. Unfortunately, I became quite ill. Crypto in general was just not a priority for me, nor was writing about it. That is over now, and the industry has come a long way. So, let’s get back to it!

If you ever followed my earlier articles, I always expressed a…

Too many people are entering the crypto world thinking there is no way they can lose. And, sadly they learn a hard lesson.

It’s Not a Game

You need real money to start. You take your real earned hard cash and convert it into some crypto. When you lose you do not get a reset button or get to use a gimmie. The funds are gone.

Not a Stock

Crypto tokens are not stocks. While they are traded the similarly they couldn’t be more different. With a stock you are buying into a company that is publicly traded. Their financials are published and you can physically visit…

It seems like years have passed since I participated in the Tezos ICO. After months of waiting, court cases, and delays, it appears we are close to launching of the Tezos Betanet!

For those not famililar in Tezos, they are building a platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. You can read more about it on their site at https://tezos.com/.

For months we have been waiting for news on the launch of their beta network and it appears to be coming this month. Why do I say that?

First and foremost, Tezos themselves has said as such on May 29th…

I’ve been mining ETH for a long time now and have seen a lot of people ask questions about getting started mining. Here’s my short opinion.

UPDATE: Read my latest thoughts on why not starting is still relevant here.

Don’t start! If you’re already mining, keep at it. If you’re looking to start, don’t. Buy crypto instead or build a gaming PC and have some fun.

For this read, I’ll be using one of my smaller rigs, which has 4x AMD 8GB 580 hashing at ~117 MH/s in this article.


Difficulty is steadily increasing. Always. If Benjamin Franklin were alive…

It has been a few weeks since my last update. In the past few weeks we have seen a big positive change. BTC is valued at over $9000 USD, alt-coins are on the rise. And maybe, just maybe the bulls are back in town. But, HF has reduced fees, withdraw limits, then increased them again, posted a video, and now are sold out of all contracts. Here’s my thoughts. If you’re interested in my original review read it here.

Fees — The Elephant in the Room

Let’s talk fees. They have not changed and have been the only constant with HF. Sure no one likes them, but…

It has been a month since my last update. In the past month BTC has kept its downward trend and sitting at $6600 USD today. Ssome alt coins are starting to recover. HF has reduced the cost of SHA-256 to $1.20 and has been pushing 30% discount codes. Here is my summary of the past month. Read my original review here.

First Withdrawal!

Let’s get the big one out out of the way first. This week HF reduced their withdraw limits again and I took advantage of it. Since joining HF on Jan 8 I’ve accumulated ~0.03 BTC (not a lot I…

The ease in which we can share information, every opinion whether fact or fiction gets the same air time. This article included. This opinion piece is my commentary on overly positive crypto currency hype articles.

If you have ever browsed Reddit, Medium, CCN or any other syndication site that has self or paid published articles. You have probably noticed just as many hype (overly positive) articles as you do FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) articles. In many cases, even more hype articles than FUD. And to me, this is just as scary FUD articles. They are typically nothing more than…

This article is intended for beginners who do not understand the different between reported, effective, and average hashrates when mining. We will be mining ETH on ethermine.org for examples.

You’ve built your GPU miner, your selected your crypto asset to mine(using whattomine.com I hope,) configured your mining tool and you’re mining! That was easy right? If you’re like any new miner you’re likely looking at a chart and starting to wonder what it really means and starting to tune your rig to maximize its potential.

When mining, regardless of the pool, it really boils down to 3 main stats. Your…

In the past few weeks a lot has happened. BTC has been valued north of $10,000 USD for a couple of weeks. Alt coins continue to be pretty stale and we’ve seen approval for regulations in Mexico and acceptance in other countries. And, Hashflare has lowered the cost per TH/s for SHA-256 to $1.80 per TH/s.

Here’s my summary of my past few week of Hashflare. Read my original review here.

My past few reviews have been rather bearish on Hashflare. The cost per TH/s, the $9k value of BTC, and crypto market in general made investing in Hashflare not…


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